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I never learn.

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Friends Only!
HP - Robert Lipbite

What's with this girl? Well, I'm just a little barbant, just a little anal, very much arrogant, and pretty damn friendly. I like classic rock, toesocks, and Burt's Bees'. (Because Bob's Bees just suck.) I have a myspace I hardly use, and sometimes I'll forget this journal for a few days. And... I don't like having tons of people added, so get to know me while you can ;)

Comment to be added.

When you are added, Biography Post.

PS: Feel very free to ask me questions in this meme before and/or after you add me!

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I'm sorry but I don't have the time at the moment.

I'm going to put the community on hiatus.

Feel free to do whatever you like to your layout, and when I'm not busy I'll reopen the community and you'll be the first to be rated.

Okay. Whenever you get the community back up can you contact me before you rate mine. I wanted to get a specific layout of mine rated so I don't another layout to get rated instead. Thanks. Weeeee! <333

Hullo. howsmyjournal is open again, comment on the marking post to be marked.

Oh, and if you don't mind, if you do go to be marked, could you be a dear and tell me if the backround at howsmyjournal is loading for you? It wasn't for me earlier, so I moved the photos to a different site.


Thanks. I put the layout up that I wanted rated. Thanks. Oh and the background is working just fine. Looks very neat.

Your header isn't loading, and you don't have me friended so I can't rate your entries =/

Eck! Photobucket must not be working very well. I'll add you again. Hopefully my header shows up. Give it a minute or something.

Still not loading =/ I can skip it and rate everything else if you'd like...

You could also try uploading it to ImageShack... that's where all my photos are at the moment =]

I'm uploading the picture now. Thanks.

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