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Friends Only!
HP - Robert Lipbite

What's with this girl? Well, I'm just a little barbant, just a little anal, very much arrogant, and pretty damn friendly. I like classic rock, toesocks, and Burt's Bees'. (Because Bob's Bees just suck.) I have a myspace I hardly use, and sometimes I'll forget this journal for a few days. And... I don't like having tons of people added, so get to know me while you can ;)

Comment to be added.

When you are added, Biography Post.

PS: Feel very free to ask me questions in this meme before and/or after you add me!

Hey, just letting you know that I added you to my friends' list. You seem t be quite interesting and I love hearing from different people here on LJ.
Keep voicing your opinions, that's what makes LJ interesting.

I've added you back. ♥


this is a new community so please join!

Hola, this is Audra, formerly dsillusndbtrfly. I have the new LJ instead, this one that I'm posting as, and was hoping for it to be changed in the Gryff Lions student list and to be given access to gryff_lions. If you can't, then I'll re-apply. Thanks!

Apply for the common room, and I'll let you in ♥

Hey! I made my way to your journal from gryff_lions! You're such an awesome Prefect and I noticed we have a few things in common! I added you and I hope you'll add me back! :)

Aw, thanks =]

One can never have too many Gryffindor friends ^-^ I added you ♥

this has nothing to do with anything and i'm not really asking to be added but i had to say that i LOVE fame!!

Haha ^-^

I'm not really a huge fan of the show, but the theme song is one of my favorites =]

Happy Thanksgiving

add me PLEASE!!!! ill write you love letters and bring you choco-late.. yahoo! and plus, i love you. :o]


I have you added o_O... lol

hey...i'm in your icon community and i thought ya seemed pretty i'm adding ya...heh hopefully you add me back? :)

<3 dani

Sure =] I added you ♥

hey Caitlyn. sorry to bug you but I don't know how else to contact you. You left a message about HiH in my old LJ (haunt_yer_ghost) so I'm just letting you know in case you want to switch the username to this one and so you won't think so weirdo randomnly joined HiH. =]! Oh! Good taste in music by the way ^-^ (franz ferdinand <3)

I sent you an invite to the Gryff common room, check your invites here.

I'll go tell the sorting manager that you switched usernames =]

Did I get cut again? Sorry hun, I have alot of journals and life to do. ^-^ Re-add? I'll comment more.

I only cut you because you didn't have me added, so I thought you cut me... =/ I added you back ♥

Oh. My God. One of your favorite books is Oliver Twist. And you like the vampire books. I think I love you. :O

Add me? *blush*

Haha, I saw this comment and thought, "Username... so familiar... where?" Then I checked and you're from The Order! Hooray!

Thank God I'm not the only one on here that likes Charles Dickens... I was beginning to worry o_O.

So added ♥

Hey lovely, its Tamberly.
I used to be ________cyanide.
Anyway comment on my friends-only & add this name, please?
xoxo Thanks

So, what was my journal rating, anyway?

I haven't rated journals in a while, so I'm not sure. If I haven't got to yours, I'm sorry. I've been busy.

(Deleted comment)
Hey its ___x_photobooth. My journal got suspended, again.
I can't get it back, again. I hate LJ, as usual.
ANYWHO. If you wanna stay friends, comment on my friends only entry & add me first.
All my love.
- Tamberly.<3


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