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Ready to crash and burn...

I never learn.

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Friends Only!
HP - Robert Lipbite

What's with this girl? Well, I'm just a little barbant, just a little anal, very much arrogant, and pretty damn friendly. I like classic rock, toesocks, and Burt's Bees'. (Because Bob's Bees just suck.) I have a myspace I hardly use, and sometimes I'll forget this journal for a few days. And... I don't like having tons of people added, so get to know me while you can ;)

Comment to be added.

When you are added, Biography Post.

PS: Feel very free to ask me questions in this meme before and/or after you add me!

Sorry about the last couple of days. I've been really down, my family seems to be self-destucting, but what you posted really made me think. Thank you. And, Caitlyn, it is true for me too. Why do you think I got all pissy when your mad at me? It's because you mean more to me than anybody else.

XD, I have so many zombie hunter friends, they take up my entire friends list...^_^

You are so depressing o.o


please let me know if you really live in Springfield, Illinois
you may help to enrich my postcard collection


p.s. sorry for offtopic

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