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Friends Only!
HP - Robert Lipbite

What's with this girl? Well, I'm just a little barbant, just a little anal, very much arrogant, and pretty damn friendly. I like classic rock, toesocks, and Burt's Bees'. (Because Bob's Bees just suck.) I have a myspace I hardly use, and sometimes I'll forget this journal for a few days. And... I don't like having tons of people added, so get to know me while you can ;)

Comment to be added.

When you are added, Biography Post.

PS: Feel very free to ask me questions in this meme before and/or after you add me!

I have you added hun =) Just redid the post <3

(Deleted comment)
hey, i added a layout request section to the community. you can help me with that if you want to, if you don't, i totally understand. i just thought that i should tell you. and i put some other community links at the bottom of the user info page, if you have any communities you'd like to add, feel free to do so.

Ok... I'll help if I can, I'm not that good at it though =)

hey i like your layout

add me?

i wanna be added fool. and add me to your comunity. its confuseing me.. ass me to both

hey, i know you from quality_elite, & from my friend alexs community, moving_beauty. i like your stuff, girl. add me? ill add you when i hear back from ya. =]

Hey, want to be my friend?

(Deleted comment)
omg i absolutly love ur layout..did u make it urself? anyways add me?

No, I got it from here =]

Anyways, added =D

You commented on my friends only entry but you didn't say anything lol. I didn't see it until now because i'm a big dumbass. I just wanted to know if you wanted to be added or if it was just a promotion. I read your entry so if you don't want to be added now, that's okay. =D

I think it was a promotion for my community alluring_ones...

But I'd love to be added if you still want to add me <3

how excactly can i post somehting on alluring_ones??? i want to join but i dont know where to put my app.

nvm i got it... im a little slow... sorry

Mmm Franz Ferdinand. Add me back?

hey- i was just wondering- i noticed that the lyrics on your page are Franz Ferdinand- is that a picture of F.F. too? thanks

just spreading the franz-love! cute page!

am i not on your friends list? i cant read your entrys..

<3 andi*pants

I have you added... You should be able to read them =/

Hey! I'm coming over to your LJ from hogwartshouses to say thank you for the little comment war with enni. (<--Because this person's blocked replies...) You were right on with your comments, completely correct about everything. Thanks for saying what I couldn't, due to my lack of computer!

(Deleted comment)
Can't at the moment, I'm too busy for more rating communities.

BUT, I might consider checking it out later, if you try out mine.


Gotta love bribery <3

You are currently a member (who is marked as away) of quality_elite, and I am sending you a notice to tell you something very important.
Quality elite is closing. Now, don't go cry in the corner just yet! Alie and I have opened a new community that is essentially the same as Quality Elite! Think of this as a move rather than a new community, actually.
We are now located at goodbrainfuck, and I wanted to let you know that as a member of Quality Elite, you are AUTOMATICALLY ACCEPTED into Good Brain Fuck! Just join and post there saying who you are and that you came from Quality Elite! You will be added to the member list and given the ability to post immediately!
Please make sure to read the community information! Although we're the same community, some rules have slightly changed.

Thanks in advance and we really hope you'll come join us!


Do we still need to fill out an application?

(Deleted comment)
Can't at the moment, I'm too busy for more rating communities.

BUT, I might consider checking it out later, if you try out mine.


Gotta love bribery <3

(Deleted comment)

Re: How's this for spam?

Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear.

I think I just might die because you posted a promotion in my journal...

Grow up.

(Deleted comment)
No thanks, I'm already too busy.

But you can check mine out:

alluring_ones, howsmyjournal.

hi.. add me?? you graded my journal and i had some friends only posts! =O lol

can we do a re-do? ♥thank you sooo much!

I don't need to add you, all you do is add me, and then I'll re-mark you, and you can take me off your list again.

Unless you really, really want me to add you because I'm just that spiffy. Lol =]


(Deleted comment)
Its not that I don't want you reading my post, its that I'm going through a very private stage in my life, and other than the *very few* people left on my list, I didn't feel like anyone should know what I was thinking.

The entry below this tells more about it.

I don't want to bother you, but could you rate my Journal. I've had my jouranl to be rated for sometime now, and I'd really like to change my layout some time soon, but before I can do that I want my layout rated. Thanks.

I'm sorry but I don't have the time at the moment.

I'm going to put the community on hiatus.

Feel free to do whatever you like to your layout, and when I'm not busy I'll reopen the community and you'll be the first to be rated.

hey cat!

its jessies friend amber from lunch, i added you,hope ya dont mind!


Ok, I added you back =]

Hey sorry that I haven't been commenting it is just that I finally got a computer back and I am now taking the effort to stay up to date.


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